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Complete Kitchen Refurb

We striped out an old wood kitchen, that was there for many years. We made the best of the ltd space available to me. I designed with the clients input on all their requirements to make it user friendly. We both liked the idea of it being slick and clean lines. We choose a Howdens  high gloss finish kitchen units. Then we choose a marble gloss finish work top. I used a marble of white tile.  Sourced some slick lighting to give me the crisp clean look for the ceilings and underside of units. I was really happy with the finish, with such small area we had to work on. Trust me its much easier to get that sharp look when you have more space. With smaller space you just have to be so care full with design, colour, lighting, to achieve the look I was after for the client space. Client invited me to there kitchen warming party, so think I they were happy, and got three new jobs from the party. Thanks Michelle & Aiden family

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